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Superfeet Copper
DMP Premium Insoles

Superfeet Copper DMP Insoles from naturally molds to your unique foot shape through daily wear giving you a personalized fit without having to heat the insole in an oven. The Superfeet Copper DMP foam adapts to the shape of your foot the insole's bio-mechanical integrity remains intact for support and stabilization. Insoles are primarily for footwear with a removable insole.  Superfeet foam molds to your foot to offer support and forgiveness in exactly the right spots. Features a firm plastic stabilizer cap on bottom of insole for support and anti microbial finish to prevent odor ideal for low to medium arched feet.

Unique 3-layer foam molds to your foot without heat. 

Copper DMP Premium Insoles Features

  • Hosts the Dynamic Molding Process, by which a highly impressionable memory-foam top layer cradles and remembers the shape of the foot.
  • Interactive PU foam middle layer provides comfort without compromising stability.
  • Exclusive D-foam bottom layer and polypropylene stabilizer cap maintain shape and support.
  • Firm stabilizer cap for optimal underfoot support.
  • Deep heel cup cradles the heel's fat pad to improve its natural shock absorption.
  • Encapsulating Stabilizer System (ESS) provides comfort and stability for a variety of different activities.

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