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Knee Walker Scooter


    Roscoe Knee Scooter, Black, White, or Burgundy
    • Ideal for individuals recovering from an ankle or foot injury
    • Large 8” clear PU wheels with sealed bearings
    • Padded knee platform with easy-adjustment mechanism
    • Scooter can be steered for increased maneuverability
    • User Height - 4’11” - 6’6”
    • Folds for easy transport. 
    The Knee Scooter Rollabout from offers increased comfort and ease of mobility to patients who cannot put weight on their foot or ankle, but want to remain active. With its four large wheels and padded knee platform, the Knee Scooter is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The offset post on the aluminium knee platform allows for right-to-left adjustment in seconds - no tools required. The Roscoe Medical Knee Scooter is equipped with an easy folding mechanism that collapses using a thumb release lever and fits beneath the raised knee platform for ease of storage and transportation.

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    Why a Knee Walker?

    Say goodbye to crutches.  Knee walkers provide a comfortable and practical alternative to crutches.  Knee walkers provide freedom of movement for patients with below the knee injuries while continuously supporting the injured leg.

    The rolling knee walkers takes the place of crutches, which can be difficult to use for those with arthritis, prior surgeries, nerve impingement, weakness or pain, balance deficits, problems coordinating the use of crutches and/or maintaining the weight bearing ordered by the doctor. For very active people sometimes crutches is not the answer.  

    Knee rollators are designed for weight-bearing relief for those who have injuries to their foot, ankle or lower leg. These injuries can include surgery to the foot or ankle, fractures, wounds such as diabetic wounds/ulcers, torn Achilles tendon, sprained or strained ankles. It could also be used for partial or complete amputations of the foot while waiting for the wound to heal and fitting of a prosthesis.

    When using crutches, your arms are supporting your body weight; your arms and upper back are used for mobility, in place of the larger muscles of your legs. With the knee walker, you are using the wheels and those larger leg muscles to roll with. Using these larger muscles means less fatigue for your body.

    When using a knee rollator the weight of the body goes on the uninvolved ("good" or uninjured) foot and the knee of the involved ("bad" or injured) leg.  Additional support comes from the handle bar, which allows the user to either steer or lift up the rolling knee scooter to change directions. Brakes on a knee rollator are not meant to be the main method of slowing or stopping, as this is done with the uninvolved foot.

    The handle bar tiller folds down on the knee rollator to make it easier to get in and out of the car.  Roscoe Medical knee walkers weigh about 22.5 pounds.

    Product Features:

    • Scooter can be steered for increased maneuverability
    • Ideal for individuals recovering from an ankle or foot injury
    • Large 8-inch clear PU wheels with sealed bearings
    • Adjustable hand brake ensures safety
    • Padded knee platform with easy-adjustment mechanism
    • Padded handlebar grips
    • Limited lifetime warranty on frame, 90 days on all other parts


    Product Specifications:

    • Knee Platform Measurements: 7” (W) x 14” (L)
    • Frame Finish: powder-coated black, white or burgundy
    • Adjustable Handle Height: 31” - 41”
    • Knee Pad Height Adjustment: 17 ½” - 22”
    • Product Weight: 22.8 lb.
    • Weight Capacity: 350 lb.

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