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Shoulder & Elbow 
Exercise Kit

Shoulder & Elbow Rehab Kit from PRO2 Medical is an all-in-one pulley exerciser kit that easily travels for on-the-go physical therapy and exercise. The Body Sport Shoulder & Elbow Rehab Kit offers a simple, lightweight, and economical solution to exercise or rehab your shoulder or elbow. This exercise equipment helps reduce pain in the shoulder and elbow area, and also improves range of motion and strength.



Shoulder & Elbow Exercise Kit Features

  • An economical solution for customized rehabilitation programs to do at home or on the road
  • Helps prepare joints for mobilization
  • Reduce pain and reinforces improvements achieved in clinic
  • Use in a sitting, standing, or lying position
  • Shoulder/Elbow Kit includes shoulder pulley, tube kit with handles (3 levels) and door adapter strap
  • Regain, maintain, and increase shoulder motion




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