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Mirage™ Swift FX
Nano CPAP Mask

ResMed's Swift FX Nano from PRO2 Medical Supply Shop combines streamlined design of nasal pillows with the natural breathing comfort of a nasal mask.  The FX Nano gives the patient  freedom to move during sleep without compromising therapy.

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SwiftTM FX Nano

ResMed's Swift™ FX Nano nasal mask is small in size and still delivers effective therapy that’s made ResMed a trusted name in sleep apnea treatment worldwide. The FX Nano combines all the features that set our nasal masks apart from the rest. Reliable performance and natural breathing comfort and ultra-lightweight and streamlined design.


Swift FX Nano Features

  • Feather soft. Comfort is key with the Swift FX Nano is cushioned where it meets your face, so you won’t even know you’re wearing it, and you wake up without facial marks.
  • Whisper quiet. The air you breathe out iuietly released away from you and your partner.
  • Easy to use. The straps are easy to adjust, and they stay put once you’ve set them where you want them. Set it and forget it!
  • Simple. The Swift FX Nano is easy to wear and easy to clean, meaning you can achieve great sleep therapy without sacrificing your personal time.
  • Premium performance. You get the best of both worlds: a minimalist design combined with cutting-edge sleep mask technology.








Buy ResMed Swift FX Nano CPAP Nasal Mask With Headgear at PRO2 Medical in Lubbock Texas

ResMed Swift FX Nano CPAP Nasal Mask With Headgear 


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