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ReActivator Shorts 

ReActivator Shorts from PRO2 Medical Supply Shop are designed to cue your muscles and fascia to align and stabilize your core and lower body. They are great to use for training, recovery, and injury prevention, because they help you optimize movement, strength, and balance from your hips to your feet. Poor movement is the root cause of most injury, ReActivator Shorts are designed to improve your functional quality of movement.

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Leading Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Warren Kramer has quantified the effects of utilizing the ReActivator Shorts for reducing pain and other symptoms associated with Osteoarthritis and other conditions of the hip. In some cases, patients who were candidates for surgery were able to avoid or delay surgery by using the ReActivator Shorts to help stabilize and balance the hip, low back, and knee joints.

Posture is Connected to Everything

IntelliSkin patented and clinically proven therapeutic shorts allow the wearer, doctor, or therapist to adjust the left and right sides of the pelvis and hip to address injuries or muscle imbalances. Ideal for hip, groin, knee, and joint pain. The ReActivator Shorts are used and tested by professional athletes for training, recovery, and injury prevention. STAND TALL

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ReActivator Shorts Features

+CoreCue™ alignment and four point adjustment system
+Cool Jade™ fabric made from recycled jade stone cools the skin
+Fabrifoam panels simulate taping
+Ergonomic seams and stretch panels let you move naturally
+4-way stretch for added comfort
+UV 50+ protection
+Moisture wicking
+Machine wash cold, hang dry, DO NOT IRON


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+ Human Technology: IntelliSkin is a Human Technology company designing apparel clinically proven to improve posture and alignment. Apparel with our patented PostureCue™ Technology works with your body to create the awareness that enables you to see and feel your posture improve immediately.
+ Smart Compression: Technical fabric that conforms to your posture and core muscles like an Intelligent Second Skin. The principles of anatomy combined with high-quality compression created the invention of Smart Compression with PostureCue™ Technology. PostureCue™ mimics the effects of kinesiology taping and instantly switches on the muscles that support your posture and align the spine.
+ PostureCue™ Technology: Cues your body’s natural ability to support itself in the most efficient manner by improving posture and alignment. The PostureCue™ extends from the back of your IntelliSkin. We call it the Fletch. The Fletch on the back of our products is the visual representation of our technology.
+CoreCue™ Technology: Allows your body to move with greater efficiency. The ReActivator shorts deliver the first step in retraining & correcting common muscle imbalances. Your core muscles are cued to fire, engage, support, and protect your joints. Better movement creates better muscle balance which leads to better alignment and performance.

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Intelliskin ReActivator

1. Place both arms through the sleeves of the IntelliSkin shirt. Then pull the garment overhead and all the way down.
2. Lift the front neckline straight up (not out away from your neck) to nose level so that the shirt rides up the torso. Let go.
3. Gather the back bottom seam and continue gathering up to the mid-back.
4. While holding the gathered back bottom seam, look up at the ceiling and squeeze your shoulder blades together.
5. Pull down firmly on the gathered material so you feel the shirt taut against the front of your shoulders.
1. Pull bra on overhead or zip into bra.
2. With your shoulders back and down, lift straps up and over outside of shoulders.
3. Maintaining shoulders back and down, look up to the ceiling, grab the back bottom seam with both hands and pull down firmly.
1. Hip Flexor Test: With patient laying supine on table legs straight, have them lift right leg up six inches off table. Turn foot out. Test hip flexor strength by pushing down firmly on quadricep while patient resists. Repeat with opposite leg. Note weaker side.
2. Faber’s Test: Patient remains lying supine to perform Faber’s test. Patient crosses right ankle over left knee. Apply pressure downward on knee to determine point of restriction. Repeat with opposite leg. Note side with least hip mobility.
3. Based upon the results of these two tests, you can now apply the shorts. Release all Velcro straps before patient puts on shorts. Once on, patient should stand in stable stance with legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and feet slightly turned in. Patient maintains this position as straps are adjusted.
4. On the side that the hip flexor tested weakest, with patient holding stable, apply strong tension to the pelvic strap while pulling it across the waist. Attach first Velcro strip just medial to the A.S.I.S. then release strap. Pelvic de-rotation can be further enhanced by pulling same strap further across waist and attaching second Velcro strip. On the opposite leg, simply attach Velcro across waist with light tension.
5. Now adjust strap on hip that was tightest according to Faber’s test. Apply strong tension as you pull strap up between legs and attach first Velcro strip between groin and medial quadricep. Continue strong pull toward lateral quadricep as you attach second Velcro strip. On the opposite leg, simply attach Velcro toward lateral quadricep with light tension.
6. Conduct Hip Flexor and Faber’s tests a second time to ensure proper fit and instant improved function.


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ReActivator Shorts Sizing Guide
Mens Size Guide for IntelliSkin Shorts Women's Size Guide for IntelliSkin Shorts



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IntelliSkin ReActivator Shorts 

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