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Prolite 8" Wrist Splint

Prolite Wrist Splint from PRO2 Medical provides a Breathable Foam Wrist Splint with a low contour at palmar crease to provide full finger dexterity and hand use. Removable palmar stay and side stays give maximum support and immobilization. Loop lock closures. Specify right or left.

The wrist joint between the two bones of the lower arm (radius and ulna) and the five bones of the hand and is made up of eight carpal bones. Muscles and tendons attached to all these bones allow you to rotate your wrist, as if screwing in a light bulb, and bend and flex your wrist, as if bouncing a basketball. Because of the complexity and frequent use of the wrist joint, injuries are common.


Prolite Wrist Splint Features

  • Immobilizes wrist in neutral position
  • 8" splint with wide, malleable metal palmar stay
  • Two dorsal stays
  • Breathable, open-cell foam material with durable covered stay pockets for long-term wear
  • Low palmar crease for full finger dexterity without sacrificing immobilization
  • Easy to apply
  • Latex-free






Prolite Wrist Splint

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