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Nasal-Aire® II

Nasal-Aire® II Cannula Style CPAP Mask from PRO2 Medical Supply is lightweight and wears like an oxygen cannula. The Nasal-Aire II CPAP Mask features patented sealing within the nose and L-Flow® technology. 

Buy Nasal-Aire II CPAP Mask at PRO2 Medical Supply in Lubbock TXNasal-Aire II
 CPAP Mask provides improved performance and reduction in sound. Nasal-Aire
® II includes all six sizes for easy fitting and includes optional headgear for stability.

A new sizing gauge is available for easy and accurate fitting.

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Nasal-Aire® II CPAP Mask Features

  • No uncomfortable pressure points on the face.
  • User can sleep in any position.
  • Virtually leak-free -- does not chill the nose.
  • Promotes patient compliance.
  • Built-in swivel.
  • Minimal parts; easy to assemble and clean.
  • 6 sizes in one package: X-Small, Small, Medium, Medium-Plus, Large, X-Large




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InnoMed Nasal-Aire II CPAP Mask

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