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Men's 5-Pair
Colorful Mix Socks 

Socks n Socks Men's 5-Pair Colorful Mix Socks from PRO2 Medical Supply Shop provides socks in a similar color scheme but with different prints. The Socks n Socks print socks are creatively unique. Each men's sock value pack includes a total of 5 pair of socks in a similar color scheme but with different prints. 

The Tetris-inspired grid print socks are creatively unique, the argyle men's socks are right on trend and the geometric print socks are nothing short of spectacular, while the striped trouser socks are casually stylish and the polka dot socks are cheerfully chic. Pair the dress socks for men together or mix-and-match them when feeling fashionably adventurous.

Sock Features

  • MADE IN TURKEY with premium Turkish Cotton with GIFT BOX
  • Turkish Cotton for Natural Breathability & Reinforced Toe for Durability & Perfect Stretch Fit with Spandex
  • Turkish Cotton is natural, perfect for healthy feet, and not man made like polyester or polypropylene.
  • Colorful Argyle, Fun Stripes, Cool Polka Dotted, Modern Patterned socks with super soft combed cotton!
  • Shoe Size 7-12

    Are you a man who enjoys making a subtle style statement? If so, we recommend shaking things up with our colorfully printed men's sock gift set!

    Made In: United States

    Shipped From: United States

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     Socks n Socks Men's Color Socks at PRO2 Medical Supply Shop

    Socks n Socks Men's 5-Pair Colorful Mix Socks

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