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Small Endevr
Lifestrength ION Wellness Wristbands

The Small Endevr Lifestrength ION Wellness Wristbands from combines comfort and improved performance. LifeStrength Ion Wellness Wristbands play an important part in boosting energy and fighting the negative effects of the environment around us to bring better health, relieve painful joints and encourage a deeper and more restful sleep. LifeStrength Ion Wellness Wristbands uses a proven method that combines 7 natural minerals and gemstones into a slim Far-Infared infused silicon wristband you can wear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wrist band that emits more health-producing negative ions into your environment which in turn increases the flow of oxygen to the brain resulting in greater energy, alertness and an overall feeling of well-being.


Lifestrength ION Wellness Wristbands - Small

  • Personal identification bracelet.
  • Complete online medical profile.
  • Rapid QR code access.
  • Fully adjustable fit.
  • Includes unique health ID slider, wallet card, stickers for car and home, and 1 year subscription for extended online health profile.
  • Lifetime warranty.

LFE716SML - Army Green / Black
LFE702SML - Black / Yellow
LFE705SML - Blue / White
LFE703SML - Gray / Lime
LFE715SML - Hot Pink / Yellow
LFE704SML - Red / Dark Brown
LFE712SML - Turquoise / Yellow
LFE706SML - White / Red

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Small Endevr Wristbands Lifestrength ION Wellness

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