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Elbow Supports

Rehband Elbow Supports from PRO2 Medical combats tendinitis, pulled muscles and pain issues while weightlifting with Rehband Elbow Supports. Features warmth and support of the elbow joint, increasing the blood flow and preventing injuries. Use for inflammatory conditions and muscle strains. Anatomically designed to provide warmth and compression around the entire elbow area, these compression sleeve supports increase blood flow and reduce swelling during strenuous workouts or competitions.

Rehband Elbow Supports 3-D design offers athletes an added level of comfort, available in multiple sizes.


Rehband Elbow Supports Features

  • Anatomically shaped elbow support.
  • Provides warmth and pain relief from tendinitis and pulled muscles.
  • Features added compression around the elbow joint.
  • SBR/Neoprene compression - 5mm.
  • Color: grey.
  • Available in multiple sizes.






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Rehband Elbow Supports

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