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Easy Express
Breast Pump

A closed-system, single electric breast pump intended for personal use. Behind the cute, attractive design lies a powerful motor capable of delivering strong suction power to help you complete your pumping session quickly and effortlessly. The pump's lightweight design also makes it easy for travel.

With 4 preset speed patterns and 7 levels of suction, the Easy Express is designed to help you best match your baby's natural nursing pattern. Each preset pattern has 7 levels of vacuum strength, allowing you to choose the most comfortable and effective vacuum strength for you.

The motor of this pump is is durable and dependable enough for daily pumping. It is designed with simple, user-friendly controls and an LED display to indicate the current speed setting. It can be electric-powered, battery operated, or converted into a manual breast pump (Manual Pump Diaphragm Kit not included). The pump's closed-system diaphragm provides anti-backflow protection with prevents breast milk from coming in contact with the tubing or motor.

The Easy Express Electric Breast Pump comes with a 120-day warranty and a 1-year extended warranty for the pump motor (wearable accessories excluded). Warranty information can be found in the User Manual.

BPA free.

Each Easy Express Electric Breast Pump Kit Includes:

Breast Pump Main Electric Unit

Expression Collection Kit

Bottle Adapter Kit (Bottle Ring & Sealing Disc)

12V AC/DC Adapter

Vacuum Tube with Adapter

Spare Parts (One-Way Valve & O-Ring)

Convenient Carrying Tote

User Instructions & Assembly Manual




Breast Pumps:

Many mothers nearing the end of maternity leave want to continue giving their babies breast milk when they return to work, but the concept of pumping and feeding the baby from a bottle may be foreign to them. After all, nursing doesn't require any paraphernalia.
If you're about to embark upon this transition, you're probably wondering what equipment you'll need. The most important item, naturally, is the breast pump.
How do I use a breast pump? (Overview)
To use an electric pump, you put a breast phalange (or shield) over your nipple, turn the machine on, and let it do the work of suctioning your milk into an attached container. (Phalanges are supplied with the pump.) Manual pumps also use a phalange, but you extract the milk by operating a squeeze mechanism or pulling a plunger with your hand rather than relying on a motor. It usually takes ten to 15 minutes to pump both breasts with a good electric pump and up to 45 minutes with a hand pump.Good breast pumps mimic the sucking action of a baby and won't cause you pain. Be sure to use the right size phalanges for your nipples and position them just right so you don't pinch or irritate yourself.
Consider buying a hands-free pumping bra so you don't have to hold the phalanges on your breasts. (That way, your hands are free to hold a book or magazine, type, or dial a phone, so you can read or work while you're pumping.) Some moms make their own pumping bras by attaching rubber bands to the clasps of a regular nursing bra or cutting holes in an old jogging bra.
Remember that for best letdown and milk production, you'll need to be calm and relaxed.
Initially you'll feel quite a tug from a fully automatic pump. Start with the lowest level of suction, then turn it up as needed once you get going. It shouldn't hurt, but it may feel a bit odd. Remember to clean the pump parts carefully after each session.
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