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Finger Pulse Oximeter

The DigiOx Finger Pulse Oximeter from PRO2Medical.com provides simple, fast, and accurate oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate measurements. Its lightweight and compact design makes it an ideal solution for home, clinical and EMS settings.

Buy Finger Pulse Ox to check vital sign easily.

Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive method that enables the measurement of a person’s blood oxygen saturation, which is often referred to as SpO2. Everyone can benefit from tracking their SpO2 themselves. Being a healthy young man or woman doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from a preventive tracking of respiratory problems. Checking your blood’s oxygenation can provide you with an early warning.

You may be a runner, cyclist, practice aerobics, or an athlete training in high altitudes to boost your endurance. Measuring your blood oxygen saturation level is very important as it can bring to light potentially life-threatening hypoxic conditions. In addition, people affected by a wide variety of chronic illnesses, including asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) can benefit greatly by checking oxygen saturation levels as it helps them quickly assess the severity of their condition.

Digital Finger Pulse Ox is easy to use and easy to read for any patient on oxygen

Features & Performance

  • Lightweight, pocket-size solution
  • Provides fast and accurate SpO2 and pulse rate measurements
  • Multiple-directional display  for easy read
  • Large LED color display that is easy to read
  • Adjustable 10 settings for brightness level
  • Simple one button operation
  • Automatic power off function to conserve batteries
  • Accommodates widest range of finger sizes from pediatric to adult
  • 1 year warranty
Oxygen saturation (SpO2), Pulse rate and Plethysmogram
Multi-directional display so readings can be viewed from any angle

Display Range:

SpO2: 70% to 99%
Pulse Rate: 30 to 235 bpm

Accuracy (% SpO2):

70% - 100% ±3%

Pulse Rate Accuracy:

100-235bpm, ±2%


Low Battery indicator

Technical Specifications
Power Supply Requirement Two (2) 1.5V AAA alkaline batteries
Operating Temperature Range  41 F – 104F (5C – 40C)
Operating Relative humidity  15% to 80% RH
Operating Atmospheric pressure 10.15 psi to 15.37 psi (70kPa to 106kPa)
Storage Temperature Range  -4°F to 131°F (-20ºC - 55ºC)
Storage Relative humidity < 85%
Size 2.28" x 1.26" x 1.34" (58mm x 32mm x 34mm
Weight 2 oz (50g) (including batteries)

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