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Mac Plus

The Ergo Mac Plus Mechanical Advantage Corset from is a low profile corset back support provides a form fitting, comfortable corset back brace with the added benefit of removable posterior panels for added support.


Ergo Mac Plus Mechanical Advantage Corset Features

  • Economic brace comfortably contours and conforms to each patient's body structure.
  • Low-friction, 3:1-ratio flexible pulley system provides powerful, smooth, and easily controlled compression and support.
  • Thin, lightweight, breathable construction combines with contouring panels for increased support.
  • Quick, one-hand adjustment controls support level and comfort for standing or sitting.
  • Single front closure provides easy ingress and egress.
  • Both standard and low-profile patented posterior panels available.
  • All panels are easily and quickly removed with no tools.


  • Stability to patients needing immobilization during recovery
  • Sprains and strains causing back and spine pain.
  • Single column spinal instability
  • Taking a step down from bulkier braces in the recovery process from spine surgery or other back aches.
  • Enhances movement for more comfortable recovery.

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