Active Ankle T1 Ankle Brace | Cramer #W-CRM304

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Active Ankle
T1 Ankle Brace

Active Ankle® T1 Ankle Brace from is designed for any athlete who wants to protect an injured ankle or help provide support for a chronically sprained ankle. This ankle brace neoprene padding provides maximum comfort and compression and prevents side to side movement of the ankle.


Active Ankle® T1 Ankle Brace Features

  • Relieves pressure on joint and protects from reinjury.
  • Allows freedom of movement with protection.
  • Speeds rehabilitation after injury.
  • Made of polypropylene and neoprene padding.
  • Sizes: x-small, small, medium and large.
  • Colors: black or white.
  • Non-plastic components are replaceable.
  • Shoe size: Men's S (5-8.5), M (9-12), L (12.5-16) and Women's S (6.5-9.5), M (10-13), L (13.5-16).
  • Sold individually (not in pairs).

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