CPAP Tube Support Holder Keeps CPAP Tubing Up

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Support Holder

The CPAP Tubing Holder from PRO2 Medical makes your CPAP tubing manageable by keeping the tubing out of your way as you sleep. Reduce Condensation in your CPAP Tubing by elevating your CPAP Tubing

Helps Keep Your CPAP Tubing Out of Your Way

Keep your CPAP tubing tangle-free and out of your way while sleeping with this simple device. Handy design slips right in between your mattress and box spring to keep CPAP tubing up and away from your face while you sleep. The adjustable arm moves with you easily so there's no pulling. Makes it easier for you to sleep safely and soundly. Compactly folds for storage and portability when not in use.



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CPAP Tube Support Holder 

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