CPAP Moisture Therapy

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Moisture Therapy

Keep your nose moist with this CPAP Moisturizer available at

Hydrate your nasal with this moisture therapy cream designed specifically for CPAP users to use before beginning their therapy. 


Hydrate Your Skin, and Lock In Moisture With CPAP Moisture Therapy

Specifically for CPAP USERS - Apply CPAP Moisture Therapy™ to your facial area, - where the mask meets the skin to hydrate skin, lock in moisture and break the dry skin cycle. Also use on any other topical areas where you may be experiencing skin irritation before beginning therapy. Repeat this process as often as needed to maintain soft skin and eliminate discomfort from dry/cracking skin.

    • Prevents drying, chafing and skin irritation, especially where CPAP masks contact skin
    • Petroleum free!
    • Contains Aloe Vera, Emu Oil and Vitamins A & E
    • 1 oz. tube

CPAP Moisture Therapy Cream comes from the makers of RoEzIt Therapy Products

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