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Back Ice Compression Device

The Hyperice Back Ice Compression Device from will revitalize your core and restabilize your body. Multi-layered compression for the back. Rebuild from the center, return to balance. Neoprene compression wraps with built-in ice chambers for cold therapy use. Designed by a team including aerospace engineers and tested on high-performance athletes.

Delivers optimal cold to the Back to best experience the benefits provided by cold therapy.


Wraps are made from premium water-grade neoprene foam that’s used in high-performance wetsuits.


Technical Specifications


  • 3mm premium grade compression neoprene with plush finish
  • Non restrictive design allows for greater range of motion and mobility while icing
  • Provides optimal compression while maintaining a comfortable fit
  • Can also be positioned on the shin (shin splints) and the calf (calf strains)
  • Machine Washable


  • Built in air release valve enables maximum compression
  • Ultra-thin, durable cell "skin" for rapid cold transfer and depth of penetration
  • Flexible Ice Cell conforms to the body's contours, maximizing the points of contact
  • Antimicrobial cell "skin" prevents the growth of microbes (bacteria, fungi)
  • Easy to load, wide mouth opening
  • Built in water tight seal provides resistance against leaks
  • Flange collar design locks ice cell into place for stability
  • 10" X 10" icing surface area


Hyperice Back Compression Video


  • Compression wrap and chamber make direct contact so ice can adjust around affected body part and form a temporary “ice cast” for comprehensive treatment.


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