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Therapy Kit


Ankle Therapy Kit from PRO2 Medical provides an exercise rocker, tubing, and door straps allow for a wide array of range of motion exercises to rehabilitate many foot and ankle injuries.


Ankle Therapy Kit Features

  • Allow for custom rehabilitation programs.
  • Ankle kit includes instruction booklet, exercise rocker with nonslip top, rocker stop set, (2) 3' rubber tubes, door strap, ankle strap, 2 clips and exercise strap.
  • Knee kit includes instruction booklet, weight bag (up to 10 lbs.), 2 rubber tubes, inflatable pillow (23" circumference when fully inflated, provides approximately 6" of elevation), rope and pulley, 2 door straps, ankle strap, 46.75"-long belt and 2 clips.
  • Shoulder kit includes instruction booklet, 36" collapsible bar for range-of-motion exercises, rope and pulley to allow for a multitude of shoulder and elbow exercises, 3 rubber tubes, and a door strap.



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