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AirCurve™ 10 S
BiPap Machine

The ResMed AirCurve 10 S Bilevel machine from is ideal for sleep apnea patients who find it difficult to adjust to therapy on a continuous fixed-pressure machine.

The AirCurve 10 S BiPap is ideal for sleep apnea patients who find it difficult to adjust to sleep apnea therapy on a continuous fixed pressure device, as well as patients who need extra pressure support. The AirCurve Bilevel machine has two different, adjustable set pressures which can make therapy feel more comfortable. An integrated humidifier simplifies setting up the device and makes therapy easier.

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Easy-Breathe technology

The Easy-Breathe pressure waveform mimics the shape of your natural breathing and replicates it for a more natural breathing experience.



The AirSense™ 10 BiPap Machine with HumidAir™ is a polished looking machine and built-in humidifier. Featuring an easily understood menu, SmartStart™, and quiet operations are a few of the features that make this BiPap a great option.


AirSense 10 S Features:

  • HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier
  • AutoRamp™
  • SmartStart™
  • Color LCD Display
  • Integrated Light Sensor
  • TiControl and Adjustable Rise Time
  • Therapy Data
*Includes: Optional ClimateLineAir™ Heated Tube

Quite Motor Operation

The quiet Easy-Breathe motor makes for a peaceful environment for you and your bed partner.

HumidAir™ Heated Humidifier

The AirSense™ 10 S BiPap Machine features the built in humidifier so the water chamber can be attached directly to the machine for a minimal footprint. The humidifier can be set to 9 different settings: off, and 1 through 8 with 1 being the lowest level of humidification, and 8 being the highest.

Consistent humidification

Consistent humidification throughout the night with the integrated HumidAir™ humidifier and optional ClimateLineAir™ heated tube with Climate Control technology can provide a more comfortable experience.

The AirSense with optional Climate Line Tubing for integrated heat maintain the temperature of the entire air circuit and reduce condensation. The Auto Climate Control mode will consider the room temperature and adjust the level of humidification delivered to the mask.


ResMed’s new AutoRamp feature with sleep onset detection delivers a low pressure to help you fall asleep with ease. Once you’re asleep, your CPAP machine comfortably ramps up the pressure to ensure the prescribed level is delivered the moment you need it. Algorithms allow the machine to sense when the user is awake or asleep. Once you are asleep the pressure will comfortably rise to the full prescribed level.

  • Continuous leak management enables reliable delivery of therapy pressure while maintaining patient-device synchrony.
  • The AirCurve 10 S bilevel machine is compatible with up to 15L/min of supplementary oxygen.

  • Color LCD Display with Integrated Light Sensor

    The built-in ambient light sensor adjusts to the brightness of the room. So if you need to get up during the night, the screen’s back light won’t disrupt your bed partner. The light also turns off automatically, so you can settle back to sleep without disturbance.

    The LCD display of the AirSense™ 10 CPAP features vibrant colors to help clearly identify different stages of therapy. A blank circle fills with green as therapy pressure ramps up. Green and red faces indicate proper or poor mask fit and are also used to indicate if the humidifier is working properly.

    The AirSense 10 also features a integrated light sensor which allows the screen to adjust brightness automatically when ambient light changes. If a restroom break is needed in the middle of the night, the screen won't blind with brightness, and in the morning it won't be too dim to read how therapy went. In addition, the screen will automatically turn off after a short time to avoid extra light in a dark room.

    TiControl and Adjustable Rise Time

    The TiControl feature on the AirCurve S machine monitors the pattern of inhalation and exhalation, comparing it against the TiMax and TiMin settings on the machine. Conditions such as COPD or obstructive lung disease may experience early or delayed changes from inspiration to expiration, referred to as cycling. The 10 S BiLevel TiControl feature is designed to prevent cycling by setting a minimum and maximum time limit on inspiration. When Bilevel detects the user breathing which falls outside the machine settings, it will intervene to alter the timing of the delivered IPAP (inhalation) or EPAP (exhalation) pressure.

    TiControl Settings

     Ti Max: Maximum length of Inhalation

    • Ti Min: Minimum length of Inhalation
    • Trigger: Sensitivity level for inhalation trigger
    • Cycle: Sensitivity level for exhalation


    Adjustable Rise Time

    Adjustable rise time is similar to TiControl feature. TiControl and Adjustable Rise Time both support the patients ability to breathe at the appropriate time. Rise time is designed for this bilevel machine to increase the range of time from expiration to inspiration based on the set time requirement.

    The rise time should not exceed the time set for inspiration due to a required higher pressure at inhalation.

    Therapy Data

    The AirSense™ 10 S BiPap provides therapy data on the LCD Display such as AHI, nightly usage hours, and total usage hours.

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