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IntelliSkin Compression Wear

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IntelliSkin Compression Wear from PRO2 Medical is designed with more spandex than any other compression shirt on the market, Intelliskin apparel instantly improves posture for enhanced athletic performance during workouts or recovery. Mesh PostureCue panels correctly align upper body muscles, permitting reduced stress and muscle fatigue, so users can feel stronger for longer.

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IntelliSkin Compression Wear for Men

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  • Instantly make you look better, feel better, perform better
  • Retrain your body to have proper posture and alignment
  • Improve recovery time from workouts/injury
  • Help improve posture reducing back and neck pain
  • Correct muscle imbalances that are the cause of most injuries, pain and poor posture.

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1. Place both arms through the sleeves of the IntelliSkin shirt. Then pull the garment overhead and all the way down.
2. Lift the front neckline straight up (not out away from your neck) to nose level so that the shirt rides up the torso. Let go.
3. Gather the back bottom seam and continue gathering up to the mid-back.
4. While holding the gathered back bottom seam, look up at the ceiling and squeeze your shoulder blades together.
5. Pull down firmly on the gathered material so you feel the shirt taut against the front of your shoulders.
1. Pull bra on overhead or zip into bra.
2. With your shoulders back and down, lift straps up and over outside of shoulders.
3. Maintaining shoulders back and down, look up to the ceiling, grab the back bottom seam with both hands and pull down firmly.
1. Hip Flexor Test: With patient laying supine on table legs straight, have them lift right leg up six inches off table. Turn foot out. Test hip flexor strength by pushing down firmly on quadricep while patient resists. Repeat with opposite leg. Note weaker side.
2. Faber’s Test: Patient remains lying supine to perform Faber’s test. Patient crosses right ankle over left knee. Apply pressure downward on knee to determine point of restriction. Repeat with opposite leg. Note side with least hip mobility.
3. Based upon the results of these two tests, you can now apply the shorts. Release all Velcro straps before patient puts on shorts. Once on, patient should stand in stable stance with legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and feet slightly turned in. Patient maintains this position as straps are adjusted.
4. On the side that the hip flexor tested weakest, with patient holding stable, apply strong tension to the pelvic strap while pulling it across the waist. Attach first Velcro strip just medial to the A.S.I.S. then release strap. Pelvic de-rotation can be further enhanced by pulling same strap further across waist and attaching second Velcro strip. On the opposite leg, simply attach Velcro across waist with light tension.
5. Now adjust strap on hip that was tightest according to Faber’s test. Apply strong tension as you pull strap up between legs and attach first Velcro strip between groin and medial quadricep. Continue strong pull toward lateral quadricep as you attach second Velcro strip. On the opposite leg, simply attach Velcro toward lateral quadricep with light tension.
6. Conduct Hip Flexor and Faber’s tests a second time to ensure proper fit and instant improved function.

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What the Chiroropractic Experts Are Saying

Doug Andersen DC, DACBSP, CCN
“Dr. Tim Brown possesses a unique outside-the-box ability to design simple solutions for complex problems in ways others would never even consider. The functional simplicity of his IntelliSkin products continues in that tradition. They have a why didn’t I think of that reaction from doctors and a why didn’t you suggest this to me sooner response from patients....which is why I’m wearing mine right now. “

Warren Hammer, M.S., D.C., D.A.B.C.O
“I have found IntelliSkin products to be an important addition to my practice. Not only for athletes but especially for the significant amount of sedentary people stuck at computers and desks all day. Their forward bent posture increases fatigue and becomes a source of chronic pain. Wearing a “reminder” to their structure that improves posture provides an essential benefit.”

Joe Horrigan DC, DACBSP, CSCS
“Dr Tim Brown has a long history of remarkable innovations in the field of Sports Medicine. The IntelliSkin products continue to demonstrate his creativity, experience and more importantly, the efficacy of his work. I have prescribed Tim’s products for years to my patients and athletes and look forward to his future innovations and contributions to Sports Medicine.”

Kevin Jardine, DC, CSCS, CSTI, Med.Ac
President and CEO Collaborans and creator of SpiderTech tape
“Posture is about more than just mechanics and alignment; it’s one of the foundational pillars of lasting health and sustainable performance. Intelliskin understands this, and through innovative garments, Dr Tim Brown has created assistance you can wear that not only improves your posture immediately, but your health for the long run.”

William Moreau, DC, DACBSP
DConline Educational Coordinator
“We use the IntelliSkin products to assist in the care of posture based pathomechanics and injury with our athletes and patients. The results have been very good.”

What Experts Are Saying About IntelliSkin

Dr. James Andrews
“This was a landmark and well controlled research study with baseball pitchers and the IntelliSkin shirt. The increase in throwing velocity was an important finding, but even more important was the shirts ability to delay fatigue as the pitch count increased. This product has great potential, not only for use as an injury prevention and performance enhancement device, but also for accelerating the rehab process following injury or surgery.”

Kevin Wilk, PT, DPT
“I have used the Intelliskin Postural Correction Shirt for approximately 5 years with outstanding success. Everyone, without exception, feels the effects of the shirt on their posture immediately. I have used the shirts for athletes to correct postural adaptations, but also for the general orthopaedic patient for the treatment of rotator cuff lesions, instability and even biceps pain. It is part of my treatment program, and is an important component to the entire treatment regimen. The IntelliSkin shirt has improved on treatment outcomes. I like the shirt so much, I wear one myself.”

Benjamin D. Rubin, M.D., M.S.
"The Intelliskin shirt improves scapular position and posture, which ultimately benefits functional and structural disorders of the shoulder and spine. The new products represent an improvement in comfort and scapular control, which is an extension of the taping techniques that Dr. Tim Brown has developed over the last 25 years."

Warren G. Kramer III, M.D.
“The IntelliSkin shirt is a sleek, comfortable, effective, functional approach to treating thoracic spine pain and shoulder instability.”

Mike Shepard, M.D.
“In a 2 year University study with overhead athletes, we have proven that the IntelliSkin shirt improves posture and reduces the incidence of shoulder and elbow injuries.”

Peter Park, Elite Trainer
“The first thing my clients say when they try on the IntelliSkin shirt is "WOW!" The IntelliSkin shirt is key to re-training and re-conditioning functional movement, posture, and alignment.

Gary McCoy, MS NASM CES PES CSCS RSCC*D Houston Astros AAA Strength and Conditioning Coach
“The IntelliSkin shirt acts, from a sensory motor/proprioceptive standpoint, to assist in the reduction of injuries related to overuse, repetitive stress, and GIRD (Glenohumeral internal rotation deficit).”

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