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      About Us 
      PRO2 Medical 

      PRO2 Medical Equipment provides quality medical supplies to advance the mobility and sustain individual freedom of every patient that walks in our doors. If you cannot make it into our Lubbock, Texas store, we offer all of the equipment online too. Everything you would see in our store, plus hundreds of other options for each type of medical equipment, is offered online.

      We carry, and sell or rent:

      ...and so much more. If you need any of these types of medical supplies and supports, PRO2 Medical Equipment has it!  

      Buy Home Medical Equipment, Health Care Nutrition, Physical Therapy Rehab and Exercise Equipment at PRO2 in Lubbock TX

      Cost to You

      We understand that having a condition that requires extra help also means an added expense. Whenever possible, PRO2 attempts to bill your insurance or Medicare for your supplies so that you do not incur major medical bills. In addition to billing your insurance, PRO2 Medical Equipment makes every attempt to make your needed supplies inexpensive and affordable. We will even devise ways in which you may be able to rent certain supplies, rent-to-own (e.g., wheelchairs and the like), or pay for what you need in low monthly installments (e.g., a mobility scooter or recline and lift chair).

      Getting Your Supplies

      If you cannot drive or make it into our store in Lubbock, that is okay. Simply call the store and ask to speak to a sales representative. The representative will take all of your personal information, including your address and any pertinent insurance information, and then help you place your order for supplies and answer any questions you may have about products. You may also order your supplies online if you have access to a computer.

      Then the supplies are shipped directly to your home. More personal products, such as catheters and adult incontinence briefs, are shipped discreetly in boxes and packaging that do not reveal their contents. Other products, such as CPAP supplies, TEDS socks and wheelchairs, are shipped in the least expensive way possible. Most of the products that PRO2 Medical Equipment carries are shipped the same day you call or place your order, and should arrive within just a couple of days (if not overnight for smaller supply items).

      Contact Us

      If you do not see a product you need in our Lubbock, Texas store or online on our website, just ask in the store or contact us by phone, chat or email. Our excellent customer service representatives can help you locate the product in the store or help you find the product online. If it is not currently a product we carry, we will make every attempt to find it for you. We also carry numerous alternative health products for those that prefer organic and all-natural health products.

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