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Medical suction machines are used for respiratory conditions when a patient needs assistance removing excess secretions of mucus or serum either orally through patients mouth or through the patient trach when present. When a patient is unable to cough up secretions, the use of a suction machine may be required to clear the lungs and airway.

A suction machine is often prescribed by a doctor to help remove secretions and mucus from the patient airway when the patient is unable to effectively clear excess secretions from the throat when the patient is having difficulty breathing or swallowing.

Patients who have either temporary or permanent tracheotomies will often require suctioning as their tracheotomies may cause the creation of mucus secretions that can not be cleared by the patient.

Using Suction

Suction machines use a suction catheter to remove the secretions from the airways. Excess secretions are suctioned into the collection container that is attached to the suction machine and should be emptied into the toilet after the suctioning is completed. Careful not to allow the collection container to become over filled. Also use care not to suction patient for too long intervals as the patient oxygen is also limited during suction. Limit suction time to less than 15 seconds.

  • Wash Hands Before Opening Suction Catheter Kit
  • Fill small container with sterile water or normal saline.
  • Using sterile glove on one hand, pick up suction at end containing the control port.
  • Connect suction catheter to suction line. Keep finger off suction port.
  • Turn unit on with non sterile glove hand.
  • Keep finger off suction port and gently introduce catheter to patient. Once resistance has been met, retract catheter 1-2 cm and begin suction by covering suction port. Limit suction time to less than 15 seconds and continue applying suction as catheter is removed from patient.
  • Rinse catheter and tubing by suctioning sterile water or saline.
  • Detach catheter from suction tube, remove glove, dispose of catheter and kit. Wash hands.

Cleaning Suction Machine

The collection container and tubing on your suction machine must be cleaned after each use. Suction tubing should be rinsed thoroughly after every use by running hot soapy water through it, rinsing in warm water. Clean tubing using a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water. Suction the cleaning solution through tubing into the collection container. Rinse with cleain water, let air dry. Suction catheters can also be cleaned but should be replaced often.



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