Foundation Crew Tee, Fire IntelliSkin Men's Compression Shirt

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Foundatin Crew Tee
Fire IntelliSkin Men's Compression Shirt

IntelliSkin Fire Foundation Crew Tee Men's Compression Shirt at PRO2 Medical Supply Shop is fitted with PostureCue™ Technology to realigns and strengthen your posture. With soft nylon mesh details, keeping cool while you sweat, whether on the court, on the trail, or in the gym. Top selling Foundation Tee stands above the rest with three new colors. 

IntelliSkin Fire Foundation Crew Tee Men's Compression Shirt for Posture and Control Sports Wear

IntelliSkin Men's Foundation CrewTee Fire Shirt Video

The IntelliSkin White Essential TravelPro Tee Men's Compression Shirt improves posture and reduces fatigue associated with long travel. Feel energized and refreshed upon arrival, whether by plane, train or automobile.

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Men's Compression Shirt Features

+Eori Italy (Nylon/Elastane)
+Soft Nylon Power Mesh at sides for breathability and comfortable compression
+Power Pointelle Mesh at shoulder panels for PostureCue™ technology 
+Hypoallergenic silicone grip on cuffs to keep sleeves in place during movement 


Quick Overview

• Maximum PostureCue™ benefits for the muscles that support and align your spine and shoulders
• Great base layer for morning runs, carving fresh powder, surfing, or running errands 
• Wear with or without thumbholes; made with cool jade technology
• Strongest posture improvement and support while running, workouts, yoga, Pilates and during recovery
• Beneficial for overhead sports such as softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, water polo, tennis and golf



Over time, the positions we assume most frequently shape our body. Posture follows movement like a shadow. Muscles that enable us to STAND TALL are underutilized and become weak, while muscles that cause our shoulders to become rounded are overused and become dominant. PostureCue™ Technology engages underused posture muscles. It’s the posture workout you wear.



IntelliSkin Fire Foundation Crew Tee ​Men's Compression Shirt improves posture and reduces fatigue.

IntelliSkin Fire Foundation Crew Tee ​Men's Compression Shirt 

IntelliSkin Fitting

1. Place both arms through the sleeves of the IntelliSkin shirt. Then pull the garment overhead and all the way down. 
2. Lift the front neckline straight up (not out away from your neck) to nose level so that the shirt rides up the torso. Let go. 
3. Gather the back bottom seam and continue gathering up to the mid-back. 
4. While holding the gathered back bottom seam, look up at the ceiling and squeeze your shoulder blades together. 
5. Pull down firmly on the gathered material so you feel the shirt taut against the front of your shoulders.

1. Pull bra on overhead or zip into bra. 
2. With your shoulders back and down, lift straps up and over outside of shoulders. 
3. Maintaining shoulders back and down, look up to the ceiling, grab the back bottom seam with both hands and pull down firmly. 

1. Hip Flexor Test: With patient laying supine on table legs straight, have them lift right leg up six inches off table. Turn foot out. Test hip flexor strength by pushing down firmly on quadricep while patient resists. Repeat with opposite leg. Note weaker side. 
2. Faber’s Test: Patient remains lying supine to perform Faber’s test. Patient crosses right ankle over left knee. Apply pressure downward on knee to determine point of restriction. Repeat with opposite leg. Note side with least hip mobility. 
3. Based upon the results of these two tests, you can now apply the shorts. Release all Velcro straps before patient puts on shorts. Once on, patient should stand in stable stance with legs shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent and feet slightly turned in. Patient maintains this position as straps are adjusted. 
4. On the side that the hip flexor tested weakest, with patient holding stable, apply strong tension to the pelvic strap while pulling it across the waist. Attach first Velcro strip just medial to the A.S.I.S. then release strap. Pelvic de-rotation can be further enhanced by pulling same strap further across waist and attaching second Velcro strip. On the opposite leg, simply attach Velcro across waist with light tension.
5. Now adjust strap on hip that was tightest according to Faber’s test. Apply strong tension as you pull strap up between legs and attach first Velcro strip between groin and medial quadricep. Continue strong pull toward lateral quadricep as you attach second Velcro strip. On the opposite leg, simply attach Velcro toward lateral quadricep with light tension.
6. Conduct Hip Flexor and Faber’s tests a second time to ensure proper fit and instant improved function.

What the Chiroropractic Experts Are Saying

Doug Andersen DC, DACBSP, CCN
“Dr. Tim Brown possesses a unique outside-the-box ability to design simple solutions for complex problems in ways others would never even consider. The functional simplicity of his IntelliSkin products continues in that tradition. They have a why didn’t I think of that reaction from doctors and a why didn’t you suggest this to me sooner response from patients....which is why I’m wearing mine right now. “

Warren Hammer, M.S., D.C., D.A.B.C.O
“I have found IntelliSkin products to be an important addition to my practice. Not only for athletes but especially for the significant amount of sedentary people stuck at computers and desks all day. Their forward bent posture increases fatigue and becomes a source of chronic pain. Wearing a “reminder” to their structure that improves posture provides an essential benefit.”

Joe Horrigan DC, DACBSP, CSCS
“Dr Tim Brown has a long history of remarkable innovations in the field of Sports Medicine. The IntelliSkin products continue to demonstrate his creativity, experience and more importantly, the efficacy of his work. I have prescribed Tim’s products for years to my patients and athletes and look forward to his future innovations and contributions to Sports Medicine.”

Kevin Jardine, DC, CSCS, CSTI, Med.Ac
President and CEO Collaborans and creator of SpiderTech tape
“Posture is about more than just mechanics and alignment; it’s one of the foundational pillars of lasting health and sustainable performance. Intelliskin understands this, and through innovative garments, Dr Tim Brown has created assistance you can wear that not only improves your posture immediately, but your health for the long run.”

William Moreau, DC, DACBSP
DConline Educational Coordinator
“We use the IntelliSkin products to assist in the care of posture based pathomechanics and injury with our athletes and patients. The results have been very good.”


What Other Experts Are Saying About IntelliSkin

Dr. James Andrews
“This was a landmark and well controlled research study with baseball pitchers and the IntelliSkin shirt. The increase in throwing velocity was an important finding, but even more important was the shirts ability to delay fatigue as the pitch count increased. This product has great potential, not only for use as an injury prevention and performance enhancement device, but also for accelerating the rehab process following injury or surgery.”

Kevin Wilk, PT, DPT
“I have used the Intelliskin Postural Correction Shirt for approximately 5 years with outstanding success. Everyone, without exception, feels the effects of the shirt on their posture immediately. I have used the shirts for athletes to correct postural adaptations, but also for the general orthopaedic patient for the treatment of rotator cuff lesions, instability and even biceps pain. It is part of my treatment program, and is an important component to the entire treatment regimen. The IntelliSkin shirt has improved on treatment outcomes. I like the shirt so much, I wear one myself.”

Benjamin D. Rubin, M.D., M.S.
"The Intelliskin shirt improves scapular position and posture, which ultimately benefits functional and structural disorders of the shoulder and spine. The new products represent an improvement in comfort and scapular control, which is an extension of the taping techniques that Dr. Tim Brown has developed over the last 25 years."

Warren G. Kramer III, M.D.
“The IntelliSkin shirt is a sleek, comfortable, effective, functional approach to treating thoracic spine pain and shoulder instability.”

Mike Shepard, M.D.
“In a 2 year University study with overhead athletes, we have proven that the IntelliSkin shirt improves posture and reduces the incidence of shoulder and elbow injuries.”

Peter Park, Elite Trainer
“The first thing my clients say when they try on the IntelliSkin shirt is "WOW!" The IntelliSkin shirt is key to re-training and re-conditioning functional movement, posture, and alignment.

Gary McCoy, MS NASM CES PES CSCS RSCC*D Houston Astros AAA Strength and Conditioning Coach
“The IntelliSkin shirt acts, from a sensory motor/proprioceptive standpoint, to assist in the reduction of injuries related to overuse, repetitive stress, and GIRD (Glenohumeral internal rotation deficit).”


IntelliSkin Case Study

Andrews Institute study: Performance and fatigue in baseball pitchers using the IntelliSkin shirt.

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“This was a landmark and well controlled research study with baseball pitchers and the IntelliSkin shirt. The increase in throwing velocity was an important finding, but even more important was the shirts ability to delay fatigue as the pitch count increased. This product has great potential, not only for use as an injury prevention and performance enhancement device, but also for accelerating the rehab process following injury or surgery.” Dr. James Andrews

Study Title: Performance and fatigue in baseball pitchers using the IntelliSkin compression shirt
Location: The Andrews Research and Education Institute
Investigators: Elizabeth Russell, PhD
Biomechanics Research Associate
James R. Andrews, MD
Medical Director
Sanjay Menon, MD, Orthopaedic Fellow
Paul Novakovich, MD, Orthopaedic Fellow
Kevin Witte, MD Orthopaedic Fellow

Anecdotal reports have indicated that both performance and fatigue are improved in athletic populations wearing the shirt. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of the IntelliSkin Foundation 2.0 compression shirt on pitching performance, fatigue, pain and discomfort in baseball pitchers.

Fifteen male baseball pitchers between the ages of 15 and 25 were recruited from local high school and college teams and were identified by head, varsity baseball coaches. Average subject characteristics and standard deviations were as follows: age – 16.1 ± 1.8 years, height – 1.79 ± 0.06 meters, mass – 78.7 ± 10.8 kg. Pitchers had an average of 6 ± 2 years of pitching experience.

1. Speed improved when wearing the shirts, but subjects did not feel more fatigued, despite the fact that they were throwing faster.

Pitching performance improved significantly when wearing the IntelliSkin Foundation 2.0 compression shirt. The pitchers consistently threw faster in the Shirt condition than in the Control condition (p=0.042). The average improvement was over 1 mph which, albeit small, is an important difference for pitchers seeking the greatest advantages available. There were no significant changes in pitching performance over time, indicating that speeds stayed somewhat consistent in both groups across the 60 pitches and any fatigue that may have developed did not significantly affect pitching speed. These results are shown in Figure 1.

2. The shirt also decreased pain significantly; this result became even more pronounced when greater numbers of pitches were thrown. This result is of particular importance for injury prevention. Pitching while in pain is the single greatest risk factor for youth pitching injuries.
General pain and discomfort, assessed through a Visual Analog Scale (VAS), was one of the most compelling results of the study. Although both groups increased their ratings of pain as more pitches were thrown (p<0.001), during the Shirt condition VAS scores increased significantly less than in the Control condition (interaction p = 0.006). This was particularly pronounced from pitches 21-60 (p<0.001 in all instances). Therefore, although the IntelliSkin compression shirt cannot completely diminish all pain (particularly as a pitcher throws more than 20 pitches), it can significantly reduce and delay the pain and discomfort a pitcher experiences. Figure 3 shows VAS scores.

3. Lastly, despite the fact that pitchers were given no feedback of their pitching speeds, they felt as though the shirt did have some impact on their performance, especially as the pitch count increased.

The results of this study indicate that the IntelliSkinTM Foundation 2.0 shirt can be recommended as methods for performance enhancement, pain reduction, and injury prevention. It is likely that the shirt may also improve pitching mechanics; however future research is needed to test this hypothesis.

Subject Comments
S03 – The subject said “My arm doesn’t hurt near as bad as it did without the shirt.”

S04 – The subject said “I didn’t feel nearly as tired wearing shirt.”

S06 – The subject liked the shirt. “The shirt felt very different from the first time [pitching without the shirt]. Muscles felt contracted more in one spot, rather than feeling the muscle contract the whole length of the arm.”

S08 – Subject said the shirt “fits better than Under Armour, more form fitting but feels like I’m almost not wearing it.”

S10 – The subject said wearing the shirt “felt comfortable and good pitching in it. Did not feel any pain. Elbow usually hurts and there was less [pain] with the shirt. Felt better pitching in shirt than without it.”

S11 – The subject felt that the shirt “kept the heat in”. He does not know if it made him pitch faster but stated that it feels good and he likes the design of shirt. “It’s cool.”

S13 – The subject was tired after pitching 60 pitches but his lower back and lats were not as sore as when not wearing the shirt. The shirt was not uncomfortable anywhere, but he stated he was used to wearing compression shirts. He stated he “felt the comfort of the shirt and could have kept on pitching.”

S15 – The subject thought the shirt helped his pitching performance a lot and helping him keep control (this subject was extremely accurate throughout the protocol when wearing the shirt). He stated the following: “There is nothing I dislike about it.” “It is not that noticeable on you [to wear].” “I am not as tired as I was the last time” (in the Control condition). He also stated that his arm bothered him last week in the Control condition, but did not bother him during the Shirt condition.

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Kinesiology Taping® Method

The Kinesiology Taping® Method is a rehabilitative taping technique that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s range of motion as well as providing extended soft tissue manipulation to prolong the benefits of manual therapy adminis- tered within the clinical setting. IntelliSkin takes the idea of Kinesiology Taping a step further, using highly-engineered fabrics with different stretch characteristics instead of tape. IntelliSkin products have been clinically proven to improve both posture and alignment.

  • Base Layer Comfort with PostureCue Support- Get all the great PostureCue benefits of the Foundation shirt with the added benefits of full length gradient compression sleeves with engineered thumb holes for optional use
  • Cool Jade fabric made from recycled jade stone cools the skin's surface temperature 3-4° F, keeping you from overheating
  • Moisture wicking is achieved by weaving yarn with microscopic funnels, which flows moisture away from the skin, while simultaneously keeping the moisture from absorbing into the fabric
  • Anti-odor technology begins with an all-natural and eco-friendly of weaving selected compounds into the fabric to mitigate the causes of unwanted odors
  • Posture-specific core compression for an instantly slimming fit
  • UPF 50+ created by a specific fabric weave and NOT by adding chemical treatments 
  • Silky feel for added comfort
  • Superior flexibility for added comfort
  • Raglan sleeve construction for optimal range of motion and comfort
  • Sports mesh posture panels provide improved breathability as well as improved spine, posture and scapula support and comfort
  • Anti-microbial and moisture wicking properties to minimize odor and keep you dry
  • Reinforced stitching for added durability
    Machine wash cold, hang dry. DO NOT IRON

IntelliSkin Men's Foundation Crew Tee Shirt at PRO2 Medical

How It Works


  • Instantly make you look better, feel better, perform better
  • Retrain your body to have proper posture and alignment
  • Improve recovery time from workouts/injury
  • Help improve posture reducing back and neck pain
  • Correct muscle imbalances that are the cause of most injuries, pain and poor posture.


  • Evidence based and scientifically proven
  • Created and endorsed by top health and fitness professionals
  • Worn by elite athletes to enhance performance, recovery and overall wellness
  • Positive results are unmatched and nearly 100% predictable, immediate and long lasting


  • Activities of Daily Living: working, playing or relaxing
  • Physical training and exercise
  • Performance / sports competition
  • Recovery from training
  • Airline travel or long car rides
  • Computer work or sitting at a desk
  • Long periods of standing


  • Made from a special blend of fibers to create the highest quality compression fabric available that is approximately 3 times more resilient than traditional fibers.
  • Improved design for a better fit
  • Silky feel for added comfort
  • Increased flexibility for greater mobility
  • Posture-specific core compression for an instantly slimming fit
  • Raglan sleeve construction for optimal range of motion and comfort
  • New sports mesh posture panels provide improved breathability as well as improved spine, posture and scapula support and comfort
  • Anti-microbial and moisture wicking properties to minimize odor and keep you dry
  • Reinforced stitching for added durability
  • SPF protection
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry. DO NOT IRON

*Because of the compressive nature of our fabric, If you are being treated for any medical condition or have a pacemaker or circulatory problems please consult you physician before wearing IntelliSkin products

 1. PostureCue Technology
Cues the body to strengthen the under-toned posture muscles of the upper back, while lengthening the overused and under-stretched muscles of the chest.

2. Technical Fabric
Conforms to your posture and core muscles like an intelligent second skin.

3. Vertical PostureCue Panel
Stimulates the muscles that keep the spine lengthened and upright.

4. Engineered Length
Longer shirt design for lower back and core compression.

NOTE: Because of the compressive nature of our fabric, if you are being treated for any medical condition or have a pacemaker or circulatory problems please consult you physician before wearing IntelliSkin products.



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