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Dr. Kennedy's
Neck Deck


Dr. Kennedy's Neck Deck from PRO2 Medical provides gentle, comfortable extension traction to re-establish the cervical curve and help with patients long term pain relief.

The Neck Deck provides gentle and comfortable extension traction for clinic treatments as well as at home. Helps relieve neck pain and upper-body muscle tension, chronic pain from scoliosis, spondylosis, cervical radiculopathy, osteoarthritis or herniated disc. Patients begin therapy by lying on or sitting against the contoured foam base for a few minutes each day, allowing decompression of the anterior spine. As this becomes more comfortable, patients can inflate neck roll to increase levels of extension. Finally, the forehead tension strap can be added for greater levels of therapeutic effect.

Dr. Kennedy's Neck Deck Features

  • Contoured foam base places the patient in an ideal position for traction treatment with important anterior translation of the torso and posterior translation of the skull.
  • Allows patients new to extension therapy to ease into their traction treatment.
  • Patients begin by lying on the contoured foam base for a few minutes each day, then add short inflation sessions with the neck roll and finally add the forehead strap with greater inflation force for a longer duration.
  • Also can be used in a backed chair.
  • Made of polyurethane foam.
  • Dimensions: 21" x 11" x 7" (53 cm x 28 cm x 18 cm).
  • Color: blue only.

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