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Boot Walkers

Fracture Walking Boots are commonly recommended following ankle, foot and lower leg injuries or surgery.  Injuries that can utilize a walking boot include ankle, foot and shin (tibia or fibula) fractures, ankle sprains, Achilles injuries and calf muscle tears.  Your physician may recommend a walking boot. 

Why are Walking Boots Recommended?

Fracture Walking Boots usually give you with more mobility than a traditional cast. The fracture walking boot will help keep you as mobile as possible and also help protect and immobilize your injury. Your doctor may prescribe a fracture walking boot to immobilize the injury ensuring the leg or foot heals correctly. Speak to your doctor before using a Fracture Walker Boot. A walking boot or brace along with crutches may be prescribed to reduce use of the injured leg and limit the amount of weight bearing allowed. Healing time is usually 4-12 weeks, depending upon the injury and bone involved. Ensure your physician has approved the use of a Fracture Walker Boot before using. Usually your doctor will want you to keep all weight off your leg before approving your gradual increases in activity and weight bearing use of your leg. 



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