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Choosing the right CPAP mask is vital when using CPAP Therapy for treating your Sleep Apnea. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy is a common treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Your CPAP Therapy will include your CPAP machine, CPAP hose, and a mask or nose piece.

Common problems with using a CPAP include a leaking or uncomfortable mask and waking up with a dry mouth.

A large range of CPAP masks are available in various styles and sizes. Some people require a full face mask that will cover your mouth and nose. The full face style CPAP mask works for those who tend to breath through their mouth while sleeping. New CPAP full face masks are now available that provide more comfort. 

Nasal CPAP masks comfortably fit over the nose only. These masks are effective for those who breath through their nose only while sleeping. Many new nasal CPAP masks are available to choose from. 

Other CPAP masks feature nasal pillows that fit under your nose. The CPAP nasal pillow masks may feel less cumbersome, especially for people who are claustrophobicNasal pillows also work well if you wear glasses or read in bed with the mask on. They may also work better if you move around a lot in your sleep or sleep on your side.

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