Why is Healthy Foot Care Important for Diabetics?

Posted on 19 May 16:29

Why is Healthy Foot Care Important for Diabetics?

Proper foot care is vital for individuals with diabetics. Research has established a strong link between diabetes and foot health, so understanding diabetic foot care is essential for your health. Diabetes causes many changes to the body, particularly the feet that could potentially cause complications like nerve damage (neuropathy), the hardening and narrowing of blood vessels, foot ulcers ranging from a surface wound to a deep infection and changes in the size and shape of toes and feet. The development of foot problems is however not an inevitable consequence as it can be prevented with proper foot care. It's, therefore, important for people with diabetes to understand how diabetes-related foot damage occurs and what measures can be adopted to protect against these issues.

Ignoring foot care can have very dangerous consequences for diabetics. Fluctuating blood sugar levels is a common characteristic developed by diabetic patients which causes damage to blood vessels and nerves, impairs the circulation system and ability to feel. With poor circulation, one can experience foot and leg cramps, slow healing of sores and plaque buildup in arteries which makes it even harder for nutrients and oxygen to get to the extremities (the parts of the body furthest from the heart.) As a result, there is need to invest in foot health to prevent any serious complications from occurring. Your daily diabetic foot care begins with everything you do from home to ensure your feet are clean and healthy. Purchasing socks that are specifically designed for a person with diabetes might be the first step towards protection from these complications. 

Diabetic Socks

It is important for every diabetic patient to consider adding diabetics socks to their footwear wardrobe. Regular socks are not ideal as they are made from pure wool or cotton that fits too tightly and can reduce circulation. You want to ensure your feet are getting maximum blood flow to avoid circulatory problems and troublesome skin infections. We sell top quality seamless diabetic socks made especially for people with diabetes. The socks are completely seamless to avoid blistering of the skin. They also fit perfectly like a second skin ensuring you get maximum comfort and flexibility for your feet, so your circulation is not restricted. The smart-knit socks can also be worn in cold weather to keep you warm and protected from harsh weather. 

Features include:

  • Truly seamless - prevents blister-causing pressure points often caused by coarse and uncomfortable sock seams in regular socks. 
  • Form-fitting design – Offers the perfect fit for maximum comfort and improved blood circulation. 
  • Non-binding Halo TopTM - Elastic-free and breathable top helps prevent painful leg indentations 
  • Moisture-wicking fibers - Provides the best environment for your feet as they keep the feet dry.

While diabetic socks can help with a lot of foot problems, they cannot protect against all of them. Other foot care practices that one should adopt for a complete foot care regimen include; washing, drying, keeping your skin moisturized, careful nail trimming, changing socks every day, daily foot inspections, and wearing properly fitted shoes. Ask for foot exams from your healthcare provider at least once a year and more frequently if there are foot changes. It is also important that you work with your doctor to keep your blood sugar level at your target range. 

Make a decision to take good care of your feet today for a healthier you.

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