Rollator Walkers for Seniors

Posted on 16 Aug 18:10

Rollator Walkers
for Seniors

A Rollator is a walker that has a wheel on each of the legs. There are three and four wheel rollators which include a seat and a basket for carrying a few things. They come in different colors, sizes, weights and height. Therefore, all you have to do is choose one that suits your needs. The most important factors that you should consider while purchasing one are the weight, three or four wheels, width and the seat. These are must have features. Other factors such as the color are not as critical.

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A rollator is best suited for seniors or those who are suffering from leg injuries but still want to be mobile during their recovery period. This is, therefore, perfect for such patients who want to move faster, need to sit down often, need something durable and those who are not able to lift a walker.

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Benefits of using rollators

There exist numerous reasons why you should go for a rollator. They include:

  • They are much lighter than the traditional wheelchairs. This makes movement around with them much easier. Lifting them into cars or up the stairs is easy too.
  • They have hand breaks. This means that you can stop them whenever need be. For example, if you realize that the rollator is moving too fast down a slope, you can always press the breaks, and it stops instantly. This reduces chances of any accidents happening.
  • They are easy to bring along while traveling. You can fold it into a small piece which can easily fit in the truck of a car.
  • They are also very convenient. It is an all in one pack since it comes with a pouch, seat, and the wheels. This means the patient can even move around alone without their caretaker's assistance.
  • Considering the excellent services that the rollator will provide, it is highly affordable too. You get the rollator, seat, and pouch all in one. You will not have any headaches while planning picnics.
  • When one can move around and be with their friends without having to rely on their caregivers, it helps boost their self-esteem. This is more so for the children and teenagers who have to use rollators. But even the elderly too.

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Types of rollators

Different types of rollators that suit the various needs of the different patients include:

  • Height-adjustable rollator: This one has a seat, the handlebars and you can also adjust the height.
  • Three-wheel rollator: This one looks like a tricycle. It is light in weight and easy to maneuver corners. They occupy a small space as well so you will not be a bother on the paths.
  • Four-wheel rollator: This one has four wheels. It is much more stable and can support much more weight. They are best suited for senior adults who need more stability.
  • Standard weight rollators: Most patients use these. However, there are others that are for people who weigh much less than the average while others are for those who weigh much more.
  • Folding rollators: You can fold these into small units that are easily portable. However, there are others that you cannot fold. Therefore during purchase, select what suits your needs best.

The size of the rollator, the design and the various features will determine the cost. The dealer you buy it from could be a determinant too.

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