Benefits and Uses of Physical Therapy Rehab Aids for Living

Posted on 08 Dec 16:36

Benefits and Uses of Physical Therapy Rehab Aids for Living

Anyone can suffer hip and knee problems at any age, and when that happens, it becomes difficult for one to be independent as is the case in ordinary situations. Such dependence on other members of the family can be a huge burden to shoulder, especially where other responsibilities are involved, and therefore, necessary medical equipment or items should be sought to help affected individuals get through the recovery process.

The elderly and disabled are the other category of individuals who require special care and attention. Moving around the house and taking care of some of the ordinary day-to-day chores are difficult tasks for them to handle and they also need to be provided with medical aids that make their lives comfortable as well.

Some of the aids that those who are recuperating from knee surgery replacement or hip surgery as well as the elderly and disabled need, include;

Dressing aids

Seniors and the disabled experience various difficulties from time to time as they try to dress up or undress. If such individuals are under your care, then, dressing aids will work best for them because they assist them to dress and undress independently and these aids can also be used to put on and take off shoes.

Bath aids

Your loved ones who have limited mobility will benefit a lot from bath aids that help them access restrooms as well as the showering areas to get cleaned up. By being able to access such areas, they become more independent, which makes them comfortable. These aids include bath transfer benches, safety rails, bathtub and shower chairs, and caregiver bath benches, among others.

Sock aids

Individuals with joint pains or arthritis have a serious challenge when they try to put on socks or remove them as well. This can be a painful experience and frustrating as well but with the help of an assistive device, such as sock aids, which are a form of adaptive equipment, make it easy for the affected to put on and get their socks off.

Compression hose aids

These act like the ordinary sock aid and are particularly a great resource for those who put on compression stockings. Depending on the mmHg compression level of the socks you use, it might be difficult to put them on. With the compression stocking aid, you only need to fit the sock on the compression hose without even bending the hip, after which you pull up the cord for the hose to fit on your leg. It is such a simple process that keeps you from straining and helps you recover faster.


Cases of injuries as a result of a fall are common among the elderly as they go about their daily chores. As such, prevention against falls is an essential requirement for them, and this is possible through the use of a reacher. This is simply a long handle that has a grabber at one end, and there are varieties of reachers available in the market.

A reacher serves the purpose of reaching out and grabbing some of the items you may need to use but are not within your reach as is the case of items in an overhead shelf. There are those that bear a magnetic tip on one end which makes it possible to grab magnetic items. Others have a clamp on one end that gets hold of the items you need, while other reachers combine both the magnetic end and grabber ends to make work easier.

These supplies are beneficial when it comes to patients recovering from hip surgery or knee replacement surgery; they get to remain independent at some level while allowing the recovery process to continue in a safer manner.

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