Do the Elderly Need Protein?

Posted on 02 Mar 17:09

Do Seniors need Supplemental Protein Drinks?Protein is a vital nutrient. Our bodies use protein to build muscle, carry oxygen, aid digestion, and provide your body with energy. Without protein, people could not live long happy lives. Protein is critical to development, but it is even more critical for seniors. Seniors need protein to keep their bones strong, keep their muscles in shape and help your body fight disease.
For years, doctors told elderly patients to curb their protein consumption. Protein can damage the kidneys over time, and medical professionals felt that the risks of long-term kidney disease are just too great. Now doctors have made new discoveries. Over the last ten years, researchers have discovered that your body become resistant to protein. A recent study found that the elderly have a blunted response to protein consumption. The older you get, the more protein you need to keep your muscles in the same condition. If you want to stay strong, you must continue to consume protein.
Protein is vital for muscle strength, but it also keeps your bone strong. Weakened and brittle bones present a major risk for seniors. A broken hip or leg can lead to lost independence or an extended hospital stay. Protein will keep your bone mass high, protecting you from the effects of osteoporosis. Medical professionals now believe that protein plays just as big a role as calcium.


To keep your bones from growing brittle, the elderly need protein.




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The elderly need a healthy immune system. A strong virus or infection can dramatically change your life. Protein can keep your immune system strong. Many of the strongest antibodies in your immune system are built from protein. Without protein in your diet, your immune system will degrade over time.

The elderly need protein to keep their bones, muscles, and immune system strong. If you want an active lifestyle, then you must consume protein, but how what sources of protein are ideal? As we age, our appetite wears down. Many elderly people are unable to eat enough protein to stay healthy. These people should look towards supplemental protein. Supplemental protein products give your body the nutrients necessary to stay strong. The supplemental products include Boost products and ProMod. These are completely safe, and they are a great way to get nutrients throughout the day.

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Protein is vital to your health, especially as you age. Without protein, the aging process will ravage your body. Consuming supplemental protein can give your body the boost it keep your bones, immune system, and muscles strong. Contact us to get the protein your body needs.