Is a Knee Walker the Right Choice for You?

Posted on 25 Nov 11:11

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Is a Knee Walker the Right Choice for You?

For those who have suffered a foot or ankle injury, mobility can be a major problem. Traditionally, crutches were the standard for patients who could not put weight on their foot. However, a new method of mobility has recently become more popular-the knee walker. If you're deciding what option is right for you, consider these factors that may indicate a knee walker is the best choice.

If you need to walk long distances or carry things

Teachers, collage students, or anyone else who has to walk long distances or stand on their feet all day have major problems with crutches. Crutches slow you down significantly, so a knee walker is a better option for these individuals. With a knee walker, you are able to roll yourself to your final destination with much less difficulty. Furthermore, if you have a purse, coffee, papers, etc,. that you need to carry with you, knee walkers provide a helpful basket to free up you arms.

If you're tempted to "cheat"

Even though your doctor will caution you against putting any weight on your foot or ankle, many crutch users have trouble avoiding the temptation to rest their foot on the ground or use it for balance. Even if it's an accident, putting weight on an injured foot can make the damage even worse. Using a knee walker removes the temptation to use your injured leg, and you can be sure your injury will bear no weight.

If you have weak arms

Using arms is incredibly taxing on the upper body. Because your arms are required to bear the weight that you injured leg normally carries, your shoulders and upper arms can become very fatigued. If you lack upper body strength, this is particularly uncomfortable. The knee walker is much less strenuous and allows for easier motion.

If you have inclement weather

Crutches can be very unstable in inclement weather. Heavy rains, ice or snow can make them nearly impossible to use safely. On the other hand, knee walkers are safe to use in almost all weather conditions. Not only will this make things easier on your injured leg, but it will remove the stress that comes with bad weather.

If any of these factors apply to you, a knee walker is the best choice for rehabilitating your injury. Talk to you doctor about whether a knee walker is right for you. With a knee walker you'll be on your way to a healthy foot or ankle in no time.