Traveling with Medical Oxygen

Posted on 25 Nov 09:46

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Traveling with Medical Oxygen

Many people may have breathing problems at some point in time. This can be due to many factors including health problem that are temporary or health problems that are constant such as chronic bronchitis, lung cancer, asthma or emphysema. Doctors can help their patients breathe better with the help of modern oxygen machines. An oxygen machine provides the patient with access to breathing assistance at all times, allowing them to rest easier, move around and feel better all day. Conditions affecting the lungs in this way can strike at any time. A person may be physically fit one day and then find themselves facing difficulties with breathing a short while later. While modern medical treatment can help people with such conditions, the use of an oxygen tank can be cumbersome. Those who use such tanks may also find it hard to travel or even to do daily tasks for themselves such as shopping for groceries.

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A Great Solution

Fortunately for those with lung issues who still want to travel and be as physically active as possible, there is a helpful solution. Portable oxygen units are available. Such portable units can help any patient enjoy the opportunity to be able to have a machine that provides them with oxygen and is fully portable at the same time. This kind of battery powered portable oxygen concentrator or POC has been in use for many years. Manufacturers have done much to help bring this new technology to their patients. Such systems are operated with battery power. Such portable oxygen concentrators allow users to travel both locally and even take flights. A POC is an FAA approved device that even lets the user board an airline.

The Limitations of Traditional Concentrators

Using concentrators such as Inogen One allows anyone to reduce their reliance on regular concentrators. Traditional concentrators have many kinds of limitations. The user may not be able to travel very far even in their own house. Many such concentrators also require the user to use oxygen bottles that need to be refilled every two to four hours. This can make it very hard for those with breathing problems to travel anywhere unless they know such bottles are on hand at times.

The Liberation of The Battery Powered Concentrator

While traditional concentrators are known to have many limitations that make it hard for users to travel, the new POC machines allow for far more flexibility. Users who have spent their lives dreaming of traveling the world once they reach their golden years can now do so much more easily than ever before even when having breathing problems. Someone who wants to take a cruise to the Panama Canal and the Caribbean or visit their grandchildren in Brooklyn need not worry about the limitations traditional concentrators impose. Instead, they can work with Inogen One to use a system that allows them the opportunity to travel anywhere they want. The system also makes it much easier for those on oxygen to get around their own neighborhood each day. Caregivers find that the system is also easy to use and allows them to help a beloved spouse enjoy life more. Many caregivers find this system helps them relax knowing that a loved one is able to move about more freely and more safely each day.

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