AirFit N10 CPAP Mask from Resmed

Posted on 21 Sep 09:55

AirFit N10
CPAP Nasal Mask


The AirFit N10- Living with Sleep Apnea Without the CPAP Mask Stigma

Finding that CPAP Mask with just the right fit and feel isn't always an easy task. With the introduction of the AirFit N10, those who suffer from sleep apnea can finally find that comforting sleep they have long sought. AirFit N10 offers visual freedom, proven performance, and stable seals.

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AirFit N10 offers the visual freedom that CPAP masks before it had failed to see. Taking into consideration the need for the user to be able to consistently wear the AirFit throughout the day and night and still interact with routine activities, the ResMed mask was designed with the under the eye frame and offer that full line of sight that users rely on. It's soft and supple composition ensures that pressure points are alleviated and interruptions to sleep from frame placement are non-existent. With the Visual freedom, your daily activities can resume without interruption. Stay in touch with your favorite game, talk, soap or comedy shows without miss out on the action or just relax in your recliner and take in that good book you have wanted to get through. This is all possible with the RX prescribed AirFit N10.

One of the most important and leading factors of the AirFit N10's success for sleep apnea is the stable seals. While many others may support proper sleep and good fit, the N10's seals are designed for the movement and different contours the body makes in the natural adjustments during sleep. The face rubs deeply against the pillow in a massage like fashion while in a slightly aroused state of wake or restless sleep. These times, it is important for the CPAP mask "Spring Air™ cushion" for a secure fit seal that stays in place regardless of how rigorous you move throughout the night. While the visual freedom and comfort a major contenders and important factors in the AirFit N10 CPAP and Sleep Apnea Mask from ResMed, the proven performance record of all these factors combined is what makes it the most impressive mask on the market.

The proven performance of the AirFit N10 makes living with and managing Sleep Apnea a more pleasant experience. The need for a CPAP mask is daunting enough without having to struggle to connect and place a device onto your face for your treatments and then deal with the uncomfortable placement. In all thought and theory, it may have been one of the leading factors of individual's failing to properly utilize their treatment equipment. With the AirFit N10, that stigma is gone. The comfortable fit and easy self-adjusting features make connecting and disconnecting from the device simple easy and quick to accomplish.

As with all activities involving Sleep Apnea, it's not only the night time that is affected, your Sleep Apnea treatments effect your function throughout the day as well. You want a CPAP mask that meets the needs for your life and your comfort. The AirFit N10 is the mask designed to not only meet those needs but to exceed those needs. It is an RX prescribed mask that is designed with comfort, easy to fit, conform and connect to your face with minimal effort on your part. One mask, one secure fit with one person in mind. The new CPAP mask from ResMed called AirFit N10 is available at Pro 2 Medical for you.