Silent Night CPAP Mask Liner

Posted on 10 Jul 10:17

Before Dr. Colin Sullivan invented the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine in 1980, sleep apnea was treated with such radical procedures as tracheotomies or sinus surgeries that did little to relieve symptoms of sleep apnea. However, the evolution of the CPAP machine has progressed rapidly since then, leading to the state-of-the-art devices we have today that significantly help those suffering sleep apnea get a good night's sleep.

Although CPAP masks are made of a flexible silicone material, wearing the mask over the nose and mouth causes uncomfortable side effects in many CPAP users. Leaks, pressure marks on the nose, severe cases of dermatitis and accumulations of dirt and oil on the mask skirt are just a few problems CPAP users must deal with in addition to their obstructive sleep apnea.

In response to complaints filed by CPAP wearers, is excited to make available new and innovative Silent Night™ Liners for CPAP, APAP & BiPAP masks. Not only do Silent Night™ Liners provide a soft, comfortable barrier between the skin and the mask skirt to eliminate leakage, eye dryness and dirt build-up but they also offer Micro Pillows™ technology to further improve quality of sleep by reducing your Apnea–Hypopnea Index (AHI).

Silent Night CPAP Mask Liners
Reduce Mask Leaks & Reduce Pressure Marks

Benefits of Silent Night™ Liners for CPAP, APAP & BiPAP Masks

Liners are reusable and attach directly to a CPAP mask. They also allow users to shift their CPAP mask around without fear of disturbing the mask's seal. Additional benefits include:

    • Reduces the appearance of pressure marks and nose bridge sores
    • Anti-microbial fabric helps prevent skin irritations and dermatitis caused by allergic reactions
    • Absorbs skin oils and moisture
    • Keeps CPAP masks securely in place while you sleep (especially important for those who are active sleepers and move around frequently while sleeping
    • Superior fabric technology molds easily around CPAP masks and resists curling
    • Helps minimize the time it takes to clean a CPAP mask properly
    • Repositionable Quick Stick™ tabs lets users secure their liner quickly, easily and perfectly the first time
    • Liners are washable and reusable

CPAP Nasal Mask Liner     CPAP Mask Small Full Face Liners

CPAP Medium Full Face Mask Liners     CPAP Large Full Face Mask Liners


Silent Night™ Liners for CPAP, APAP & BiPAP Masks are Available in All Sizes

Realizing that face shapes and sizes are not all the same, PRO2Medical offers Silent Night™ Liners for CPAP, APAP & BiPAP Masks made to fit small, medium and larger faces. A "one size fits all" liner is also available for those with facial dimensions not accommodated by the three traditional sizes.


Reusable CPAP Mask Liner
Anti-Bacterial Fabric Absorbs Moisture
CPAP Mask Liners from Silent Night Stop Mask Leaks


Get the Most Out of Your CPAP Device with Silent Night™ Liners

Thousands of clinical research studies has revealed that untreated sleep apnea contributes to a variety of serious health problems--hypertension, repeated viral and bacterial infections, weight gain, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, just to name a few. Supplementing your CPAP device with Silent Night™ Liners will not only increase your comfort level but also improve the ability of your CPAP mask to keep your airways clear and your breathing steady, full and free from obstruction.

Silent Night CPAP mask liners come in three sizes.