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Posted on 18 Feb 14:42
Manual lightweight wheelchairs help patients who are unable to walk maintain ambulatory freedom by using upper body strength to propel themselves by using their hands & arms. Lightweight wheelchairs are much easier to transport then power chairs and can be used to go out shopping, out to eat with family, or make a doctors visit. Our lightweight wheelchairs weigh around 35 lbs which makes it easy for a family member to load into the car.

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Medicare and Ligthweight Manual Wheelchairs:

Medicare typically pays for lightweight manual wheelchairs on a 13 month capped rental basis. This means that the wheelchair is rented for 13 months and then considered purchased at the end of the 13 month rental. That is if the patient qualifies to keep the wheelchair for the full 13 months. After Medicare and copay pays for the 13 months rental, the equipment will become the property of the patient. When needed, Medicare may allow a new wheelchair to be provided once every five years.

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Ordering a Lightweight Wheelchair for Medicare rental?

Unfortunately Medicare has made obtaining a wheelchair rental through Medicare much more challenging. The "Mobility Limitations" of the patient must be established and well documented by a physician.
Good Documentation is required by Medicare to ensure that criteria is met when ordering or providing medical equipment. The patient must have seen the physician and establish medical necessity within the 6 month period prior to your wheelchair order.

A lightweight wheelchair may be provided to a patient as medically necessary when ALL of the following criteria are met:

  • The individual would otherwise be confined to a bed or chair. The individual is considered confined to a bed or chair if he or she is unable to ambulate from, for example, bed to bathroom, bedroom to kitchen, or around the home.
  • The individual has a disease process or injury for which weight-bearing and/or ambulation is contraindicated.
  • The individual has a disease process or injury that precludes use of the lower extremities (e.g., a neuro-muscular disease).
According to Medicare Qualifications for a lightweight wheelchair, this item must be ordered for the patient who meets all of the above criteria
The individual cannot self-propel in a standard weight wheelchair, BUT is able to self propel in a lightweight wheelchair. The patient's medical records must contain documentation including wording that explains WHY the patient is unable to ambulate without a wheelchair and WHY the patient would have difficulty self-propelling a chair that has extra weight, but can self propel a lightweight wheelchair.
It may be due to arthritis, weakness, difficulty propelling the heavy chair over carpet in the home, etc. Whatever the reason, it must be noted in the patients medical records.

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MRADL: Mobility Related Activity of Daily Living

Definition of "Mobility Limitation"
  1.   Prevents the beneficiary from accomplishing an MRADL entirely, or
  2.   Places the beneficiary at reasonably determined heightened risk of morbidity or mortality secondary to the attempts to  perform   an MRADL: or
  3.   Prevents the beneficiary from completing an MRADL within a reasonable time frame

Medical Records Required by Medicare

    • Medical records include documentation of a face to face encounter between the beneficiary and the ordering physician, that occurred within 6 months prior to completion of the detailed written order.


      Lightweight Wheelchair:
      16" Wide Seat, Swing Away Footrests

       Lightweight Wheelchair:
      16" Wide Seat, Elevating Legrests Wheelchair

      Lightwight Wheelchair:
      18" Wide Seat, Swing Away Footrests


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