Using Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Respiratory Health

Posted on 19 Jan 10:06

Using Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Respiratory Health

Using Portable Oxygen Concentrator for Respiratory Health

Home oxygen concentrator is used to provide oxygen therapy to patients at higher oxygen concentrations and treat patients suffering with lung deficiency. Home oxygen therapy allows patients to utilize oxygen therapy 24/7 and helps increase stamina throughout day-to-day activities

Portable oxygen concentrator (or POC) is a portable oxygen device. The portable oxygen concentraor is very similar to a home oxygen concentrator, but is smaller in size and more mobile. The portable oxygen concentrator makes it easy for patients to travel freely and is small enough to carry in a pack or be used in the car. Most portable concentrators are now FAA-approved and can be carried on a plane. Freedom to travel, lightweight, and easily. No need to carry around heavy oxygen tanks which can be difficult and heavy.

Portable Oxygen Therapy and COPD

Many people with lung disease or illness require supplemental oxygen therapy. Requiring 24 hour oxygen can restrict people who need to get out of the house. Most become wary of traveling with oxygen and become almost home bound. Using and traveling with oxygen cylinders can be burdensome and sometimes just not practical. Many become forced to stay at home instead of going out to see friends, work, shop, or enjoy a vacation time with their family.

Oxygen therapy can actually enhance your physical ability to go places and do things that the advance stage of COPD was limiting you from doing. Once you’ve learned what’s involved, you may find that oxygen gives you more freedom to go places and do things you want to do.

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