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Continuous Passive Motion, CPM

The Kinetec Spectra Knee CPM represents the latest break-through in CPM technology. An unbeatable combination of good looks and mechanical innovation sets Spectra apart as the Knee CPM of choice. The entire spectrum of needs for knee patients can now be addressed with a carriage that accommodates all patients, age 8 to 80 - without any additional accessories. Lightweight and exceptionally easy to carry. Spectra offers a quick setup and practical operational modes that enhance patient comfort, compliance and results.


How To Use A Knee CPM Machine

The Knee CPM(continuous passive motion) machine is designed to provide the patient a constant motion following knee surgery such as a knee replacement.  The Knee CPM helps the patient maintain or increase his or her range of motion during the recovery process. Your doctor may prescribe a CPM machine following your surgery because swelling and pain will make it difficult to move your knee joint.  Knee CPM's are frequently used after knee surgery. The machine is usually placed on the patient immediately after surgery and is usually discontinued within three weeks.  We at PRO2 Medical set up the CPM, adjust for patient height, and set the parameters prescribed by your doctor.  Our trained staff will have you using your CPM and train the patient and caregiver. 

It is important to begin your CPM therapy as soon as possible following your surgery date.  Most insurance coverage begins on the date of surgery and allow 21 days of coverage from surgery date.  Please contact our office with any questions.  

During your recovery and rehab you may require mobility aids such as a walker, commode chair, reacher, or dressing aids.  Please visit our site for health care products that can help

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Knee CPM Instructions

●    Plug the machine in and lay down on your bed or couch with the machine positioned next to your injured body part. A shoulder or elbow CPM machine may be equipped to use in a sitting position. Use pillows to support the machine on either side if needed to make sure it is stable.

●    Line up your joint with the axis of rotation on the machine and place your arm or leg into the machine. Connect the Velcro straps so that your body part is secured in place.

●    Turn on the machine. Your range of motion will be limited by the parameters set up by your healthcare professional. Use the up and down buttons to find the speed you can comfortably tolerate.

●    Continue the use of your CPM machine for the amount of time prescribed by your healthcare professional. This can range from one hour to 23 hours per day. At the end of the session, stop your machine when your body part is in a pain-free position. Unstrap the Velcro and take your arm or leg out of the CPM. Keep track of the frequency and amount of time you use your CPM based on your doctor's instructions.

CPM Guidelines

Typically after knee replacement surgery, your doctor will prescribe for you to use a continuous passive motion (CPM) knee machine to keep your knee moving when you are in bed. Your doctor and your physical therapist will let you know how long to use the CPM each day. You'll also find out how often to increase the settings and how many degrees to increase the settings each time. Be sure to follow your instructions for using the CPM.Here are some other guidelines to follow:
●    If you experience more pain after changing the settings, return to the previous setting and speak with your physical therapist.
●    Continue to use the CPM for three weeks or longer if instructed by your doctor.

Knee CPM's are a daily rental device.  We bill most insurance in our service areas.  Contact us today to check your insurance eligibility and coverage.

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